Our Story

In 1976 Joy and Hugh Ganter opened Seafood World in Lighthouse Point, Florida. After many years in the Bahamas, they had a clear idea of the kind of restaurant they wanted and that focus has never changed. They serve the freshest seafood in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where recipes are simple and tasteful. Sauces and spices enhance, but don’t overpower the seafood. That was 1976. Today, Joy and Papa Hughie’s Zagat Rated restaurant, Seafood World still offers the same fresh seafood.

As the restaurant grew, they opened a fresh marketplace to provide a source of fresh seafood to a growing customer base. This created a need to develop better sources of all kinds of seafood products – particularly the island products such as conch, stone crab, and lobster that have made Seafood World a local legend.

Now all that flavor is also available to you, delivered fresh overnight from our boats to your table, from our online store Beststonecrabs.com. Through Seafood World Wholesale, a thriving part of the operation, they supply fish, shellfish and signature salads to fine restaurants locally and throughout the Caribbean. They believe no one can compete with their delivery of the highest quality product – their standard is simple, it has to be good enough to be served in their own restaurant and to cater special events.

As the restaurant and wholesale divisions grew, so did the requests from regular customers to provide catering services. It began small and simple but today they offer top-notch catering and a variety of menus from seafood to barbeques, and the finest white linen gourmet presentation.

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